A pre-arranged funeral provides you with peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of once you're gone.


When you take out a pre-arranged funeral plan through Logan Funerals, you will be able to confidently make all of the important decisions about your final farewell. Our experienced Funeral Directors can help you to plan the service you would like, with all of your wishes being recorded and acted upon when the time comes.

Caring For Those You Leave Behind

A pre-arranged funeral plan also ensures that a caring Funeral Director will be available for your loved ones. With a pre-arranged funeral plan in place, your friends and family you leave behind will be fully supported by an experienced funeral professional who will be able to provide their direct assistance to them during their time of grief.

If you are a senior looking to get your affairs in order, or are just looking to enjoy the freedom that comes from having protected your family from having to find the funds for a funeral at short notice, then taking out a pre-arranged funeral plan has so much more to offer than any other method of planning ahead.

What Can Be Decided Upon Within A Pre-Arranged Funeral Agreement?

  • The transfer arrangements from the place of death.
  • Your funeral preferences in arranging additional services such as organising newspaper notices, music, flowers, and anything else you may choose.
  • Interim care for the deceased prior to the funeral.
  • Choice of preferred coffin or casket, cremation or burial.
  • Presentation for viewing and attendance at the funeral, chapel, church, crematorium or graveside.
  • Completion of documents necessary to enable registration of death to facilitate the burial or cremation.
  • Provision of necessary vehicles.
  • Liaising with the associated parties for services, including the local Shire Council and the church (if applicable).

Should you wish to pre purchase a right of burial (including burial plots, crypts and related monument works), your Funeral Director will assist you to make contact directly with the appropriate cemetery.

How Do I Organise Funds For The Funeral?

We can help you open an account with a third party funeral bond company, such as the Lifeplan Funds Management, which is the largest in Australia. Lifeplan pays a percentage bond distribution each year into your funeral bond account, which increases the bond amount. We can provide a booklet explaining the benefits of this type of funds management, or you can visit their website here. Although you have assigned the benefit of your investment to Logan Funerals, the funds cannot be accessed until the funeral service has been provided. If in the case there is a surplus amount in the bond account after payment of the funeral expenses, the surplus is refunded to your estate. 

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